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For domestic and commercial clients

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Looking for a spare part for your system?

Envirocare readily stock spare parts for all makes of sewage treatment installations and pump stations, and we’ve a large selection of pumps, motors and blowers. With next day delivery, we can ensure you get the missing piece to your system as quickly as possible.

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Sewage Treatment Plants, Septic Tanks and Pump Stations

Envirocare North West are specialists in sewage treatment installations, and can cater for you needs regardless of whether you need a treatment plant for four people, or over three hundred. Partnerships with various manufacturers enable us to ensure you get the best equipment available at a competitive price, whilst the cost of delivery is included in your quote.

Do I need a treatment plant?

Treatment plants are required when the discharge from your system is close to a water course or poor soil conditions limit the use of a soakaway system. Our team of experts are on hand to help with the consultation, design and installation of any facilities you may require, whether that be to cater for four or four hundred people, and our plants ensure that your discharge meets the requirements of the Environmental Agency.


Is a septic tank right for my property?

If your property passes soil porosity tests, then you could benefit from a septic tank. Envirocare are on hand to help with the consultation, testing and planning of your property, and our team are well accustomed to septic tank installation, with over thirty years’ experience. Once installed, septic tanks need only periodic emptying, and so an installation could prove an efficient and hassle-free solution to your waste needs.

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When is a cesspit appropriate?

If the discharge of fluid is not acceptable on your property (this may be to poor soil conditions or environmental regulations), then a cesspit may provide you with a solution to your waste issues. With a cesspit, effluent is not treated and discharged but stored. This results in the need for regular emptying, however our team at Envirocare are on hand to help, and can offer a comprehensive waste disposal service to suit you.


Could I benefit from a pump system?

On sites where gravity is not an option in assisting drainage, pump systems are extremely effective. At Envirocare, we’ve a range of pump options that can be used alongside treatment plans, septic tanks or for pumping drainage into a main sewer, and our team of experts are on hand to help install your solution.


Flow Balancing

Our flow balancing equipment is tailor-made for each site we work on, and we’ve a range of equipment to offer thanks to our partnerships with various manufacturers. Envirocare always strive for a solution that suits you and your needs.


Petrol and Oil Separators

Designed mainly for areas such as petrol station forecourts, car washes, tanker depots, large car parks and scrap yards, we’ve a range of petrol and oil separators to ensure your drainage is not contaminated with unwanted effluent.



All products have a full initial 12-month warranty covering all mechanical and electrical components against malfunction, provided the unit has not been subject to damage or abuse.

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The right installation for the right property

We here at Envirocare carry out our work with the future of the client and planet in mind. Everything we install is future-proofed and forward-thinking, ensuring that you receive a solution to your issues that stands the test of time, whilst protecting the local community and environment.

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