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Hazardous Waste

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Issues dealing with your hazardous waste?

When working with hazardous chemicals or materials, due care needs to be given to how we dispose of the waste. Besides the threat these substances may pose to your own personal health, chemicals which have been improperly disposed of can have a massive impact on the environment around us. Envirocare North West are equipped with all the appropriate gear to solve any issue you may have, and fulfil all duties in line with Environment Agency regulations and policy.

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Our team of experts have over thirty years’ experience in the industry and are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment around us. If you’ve any questions about how to deal with your hazardous waste, please call for consultation or to arrange the removal of your hazardous substances.

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Better safe than sorry

Besides environmental concerns, improperly dealing with hazardous waste can have consequences for your own personal health. Chemicals can pose a threat in a number of ways – from mild irritants to highly explosive or corrosive substances. To avoid injury, it’s important to know exactly what you’re dealing with and how best to go about proper disposal in accordance with regulation and policy. Envirocare are prepared and on hand across the north west of England and North Wales to ensure hazardous chemicals are removed in a way that is safe for both customer and environment.

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