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Grease Traps Desludged

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Do your grease traps need to be desludged?

Grease traps filter out and gather fats, oils and greases from your sewage system – substances which can pose a threat to your property. Aside from diminishing the effectiveness of your grease traps, a build up of fats and oils can create an unpleasant odour which could threaten the livelihood or liveability of your restaurant or home. Envirocare North West are specialists in the field, and will ensure your grease traps are desludged efficiently before a build up of grease poses a threat to you or your property.

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We’ve been desludging grease traps in the North West for over three decades, and our team is trained and ready to fix any problem you may have. Call today to talk to one of our experts.

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Dangers of dirty grease traps

By their nature, grease traps accumulate substances such as fats, oils and grease – flammable substances which could create a hazardous working environment if not taken care of and regularly cleaned. By having your grease traps desludged, you reduce the risk associated with these build ups, and can ensure that your traps are in working order.

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